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Wiccan Wonderland and Silent Night

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Wiccan Wonderland and Silent Night

Post  LyxisMorgan on Mon 19 Dec 2011 - 14:07

Wiccan Wonderland
Sung to the some tune as "walking in a winter wonderland"

Pagans Sing are you listening
alters set, candles glistening
It's a magical night, we're having tonight
Dancing in a Wiccan Wonderland

Blades held high, sensers smoking
the God and Goddess we're invoking
through the elements five we celebrate life
Dancing in a Wiccan Wonderland

In a circle we can build a yule fire
and awate the rising of the sun
its the great wheel turning to new year
loaded with abunance and great fun

later on by the fire
cone of power getting higher
its a magical night we're having tonight
Dancing in a Wiccan Wonderland

Slient Night

Silent night, Solstice Night
All is calm, all is bright
Nature slumbers in forest and glen
Till in Springtime She wakens again
Sleeping spirits grow strong!
Sleeping spirits grow strong!

Silent night, Solstice night
Silver moon shining bright
Snowfall blankets the slumbering Earth
Yule fireswelcome the Sun's rebirth
Hark, the Light is reborn!
Hark, the Light is reborn!

Silent night, Solstice night
Quiet rest till the Light
Turning ever the rolling Wheel
Brings the Winter to comfort and heal
Rest your spirit in peace!
Rest your spirit in peace!

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