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FAQ - Registering

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FAQ - Registering

Post  Feronia on Fri 30 Dec 2011 - 11:54

Why do I have to register?
You don't have to register but if you don't then you will be limited to only being able to read some of the messages on this forum, voting on the polls and responding to a very limited number of topics. Also our members do not have to look at all the pop ups and adverts that you can see as a guest. The only adverts that remain are the ones the site admin wish to be there.

Why can I not post or Reply to most of the topics?

The settings on most of the topics only allow people to post or respond to a post if they are a registered user. The reason for this being that I had a group in the past which was completely filled with spam and it took a lot of time to remove the junk mail, Time that could have been better spent elsewhere.

What can I do as a registered User?
As a registered user you will be able to post your own topics, respond to other topics, create polls, Chat on the chat box, Receive Birthday messages (if you have supplied your birthday) and Join groups.

How long do I have to wait before my account will be activated?
At the moment the site is set up so that you can activate your account yourself, A message should be sent to your e-mail address after a few minutes activate your account using that e-mail and then you are all set to do what to like in this site.

I didn't activate my account but I'm already able to view the site
Ah those pesky helpful Admins... One of us had activated your account for you. (normally only done when friends are trying to join the site but are having problems)

I used to be registered before and I've tapped in the same username and password but I am no longer recognized?
You may have been inactive for too long. Visit the site at least once a year to stay active.

I have another problem registering which is not listed here?
For other problems use the contact button located on the bottom right of every page this will send an e-mail to LyxisMorgan and she will sort out your problem.
If this is a problem we get asked about a lot then it shall be added to this page.

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