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Post  lyra on Sun 1 Jan 2012 - 20:58

I tried to fit all all the sabbats into one poem and in order... Yes I know Samhain is the last day of October... I've written November as that is the first day that follows it which to me makes sense. Also in England (and Scotland) Samhain is pronounced (Sow en) But I used the american version (apologies if I'm wrong on pronunciation on this one) as it rhymes with Beltane. Also after the first verse I think I gave up doing them in order... Would make a good writing challenge for anyone who wants to attempt it though lol!


My wheel of the year is not like most
I celebrate the old not the new
I dance in the summer round the may pole
Listen I’m not lying, it’s true
My wheel of the year starts in November
For that is when we celebrate Samhain
For this is what we call the New Year
The next festival I like is Beltane

We have eight celebrations
Mabon is another one of them
This is the autumn equinox
It’s a great time to meet all my friends
There are two celebrations each season
The winter’s the best you’ll agree
For this is when we celebrate yuletide
And it’s kinda like Christmas you see

My wheel of the year it’s not like most
I’m a pagan so I do many different things
I dance and leap over fires
Just don’t encourage me to sing
My family they think I am crazy
“what’s wrong with that” I say
I know my life is different
And it’s better for me that way

Ostara is the old name for Easter
We act like children at play
We have eggs just like you do
“they represent the child” books say
my wheel of the year it is different
and we only covered the eight
there are all the esbats to cover
but I won’t do it now it’s too late

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