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Pagan Quiz 1

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Pagan Quiz 1

Post  LyxisMorgan on Mon 2 Jan 2012 - 13:34

There are 20 questions below but Can you answer them all? All are Pagan themed

Ø What is the Pagan calendar more widely known as?

Ø What is an Esbat?

Ø If someone was talking about ‘the blood moon’ what month’s moon were they talking about?

Ø List the twelve animals used in Chinese astrology.

Ø Name five different ways of looking into the future

Ø An Athame should be used for cutting herbs and engraving candles, True or false?

Ø A pagan who does not follow one particular tradition is refurred to as what?

Ø What is the term for a heat proof container in which incense is burned?

Ø Which direction is widdershins?

Ø ‘Goats Foot’ is a herb is known to witches as what?

Ø ‘Blessed Be’ is what to a witch?

Ø What is homeopathy?

Ø What word refers to the point when a celestial body is directly overhead?

Ø In Astrology what does the ninth house represent?

Ø What is the name given to the second dark moon in the month?

Ø What plant was used to kill the Norse god Baldur?

Ø One who is very skilled in magic or mysticism is also referred to as what?

Ø What are charkas?

Ø We all know the four basic elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. What is the fifth element known as?

Ø What planet is the planet of lessons, and tells you what it is that you need to learn in order to progress and move on?

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