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January's Challenge

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January's Challenge

Post  LyxisMorgan on Sat 7 Jan 2012 - 3:42

Introduce yourself!!!
Create a piece of writing in any form (poem, play etc) that introduces yourself as if you were introducing a character in a story.
while your doing that also include your favourite book or writer (or both) and tell us if you made a New Year Resolution (and if you have managed to keep it so far)
It does have to be more than one paragraph. but you can write that in any style you like. first person third person... maybe even try second person??? (does that even exist? - homework for myself then)

I'll start off this one here's my effort:

The lady sat at the computer wondering what to write as she read the words of the latest challenge "introduce yourself!!!" How was she going to do that? It was 3:20 in the morning and she was starting to feel rather tired, so much so, that she was beginning to nod off. Her long brown hair covered her face as her head hit the table with a gentle thud... That would leave another bruise come morning. She normally found herself covered in bruises, at the moment there was a lovely blue one spreading on her arm from where she had accidentally walked into one of the clothing rails at work thus breaking her new year's resolution in under five days. Her resolution had been to try not to hurt herself by accident.
Her brown eyes finally glazed over and she began to snore... though if you were to point out that she snored in her sleep she would promptly deny it.
She dreamed of turning into a wolf and running with Clayton Danvers as if she were Elina, Characters from her favourite book 'bitten' by Kelley Armstrong.

"Of course I'm in a bad mood - Some one just dropped a house on my sister!"

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