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Correspondences For Saturday

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Correspondences For Saturday

Post  RosieBell on Sat 4 Aug 2012 - 16:13

Influences: Death. Doctrines. Finding familiars. Locating Lost Things and Missing Persons. Duty. Obstacles. Knowledge. Time. History. Buildings. Spirit Communications, Meditation, Psychic Attack or Defense, Building, Life, Doctrine, Protection, Knowledge, Authority, Limitations, Boundaries.

Colours: black, grey and indigo

Planets: Saturn

Crystals: Jet, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian, Lava/Pumice

Incense: Black Poppy Seed and Myrrh

: all (Earth)

Plants: Myrrh, Moss, Hemlock, Wolfsbane, Coltsfoot, Nightshade

Gods: Saturn

Goddesses: ??

Numbers: 8

Foods: ??

Runes: thorn (Protection), gufu (gift with a price), Ansuz (wisdom)

Animals: ??

Birds: ??

Trees: Fir

Astrological sign: Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra

Angels: Archangel Cassiel

Metal: Lead

Direction: west

This day was called dies Saturni, "Saturn's Day", by the ancient Romans in honor of Saturn. In Anglo-Saxon: sater daeg. French: samedi; Italian: sabato; Spanish: el sábádo. German: Samstag; Dutch: zaterdag. Sweden: Lördag, and in Denmark and Norway Lørdag ("washing day").


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