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Chapter one: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Vampira

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Chapter one: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Vampira

Post  lyra on Mon 6 Aug 2012 - 1:56

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


This story is set during the fifth season of the television series.

Chapter One

It was night time, Rayne ran through Sunnydale as fast as she could. every now and then she would look back to see if the vampires were still chasing her. Rayne knew that she needed to get inside. to find a place owned by another human. In fact there was one human in particular that she was trying to find; Buffy Summers, The Slayer.

Buffy, a short, slim girl of 20 with long blond hair, wandered around the graveyard doing her nightly patrols for the un dead and otherwise annoying.
Normally one of her friends would insist on helping or her watcher would use it as an excuse for training. - a year ago it would have been with Angel, the only Vampire with a soul, but he had moved away to los Angeles as he feared he would not be safe around her anymore. - now however Buffy was patroling alone, she did not mind, she had actually wanted the time to be on her own.
So far nothing had happened and buffy was getting bored. she twiddled the stake in her fingers as she looked longingly at the nearest grave. just one fight before bed. It was always the best method for a deeper sleep. The Vampires were not playing their role. Buffy slid the stake back into her pocket and grabbed the bag of tricks from off of the ground. it contained the usual stuff, holy water a cross... things that no girl, well ok, no slayer should ever go without. Buffy heard a scream and looked up just in time for a girl to ran straight into her. the girl fell to the ground and Buffy reached down and held out her hand. at the same time looking arong for the danger that this girl could be running away from.
"are you okay?" she asked
The girl let Buffy help her up "sorry" she said and then she was running again
"hey wait!" called Buffy mostly in surprise. something had definitely freaked the girl and Buffy wanted to know what that something was. She hoped trouble would be vampires. It was so much more confuesing when it was witches or demon snakes. at least with vampires you knew where you stood. Stakes, holy water, crosses and sun light. piece of cake.

Willow sat on the sofa. she had short red hair and brown eyes. tara sat next to her, she was a shy girl with long blond hair styled with a zig zag parting. Oz, who had made a breif visit sat across the other side of the room. He found it a little difficult to control himself properly around Willow and her girlfriend. Oz was a werewolf but he had gained some control over his shifts and could now stop his beast from coming out. But as is the problem with most men, the women always manage to undo control.
At the moment they were waiting for the exchange student that was meant to have arrived at the summers home about two hours ago and they were starting to get a little worried.
"what if something has happened to her on the way here?"
"maybe we shoud get buffy to look for her when she comes back" whispered Tara
"or I could go..." a knock at the door interrupted Oz.
Willow got up and opened the door.
A girl dressed in black, with dark hair and dark eyes stood on the door step dripping with water.
"has it been raining?" asked willow
"I fell in a ditch" the girl answered "I'm Rayne, I'm supposed to be staying here for a few weeks... I think."
"yeah that's right, come in" said willow opening the door a little wider so that the girl could get through.
Dawn's school was doing the exchange student scheme and at least this time they had gotten a girl like they expected.
"no suitcase?" asked Oz
"no! I lost them when some people started chasing me." she exclaimed "one of the freaks tried to bite me on the neck!"
Willow, Tara and Oz exchanged looks. Vampires.
"did they had weird faces?" asked Oz
"and long teeth?" added Tara
"yes! do you know them?" asked Rayne
"uh... sort of" said Willow
"we have bumped into types like them before" said Oz
"so you know about Vampires then... Ah you must be the Slayerettes" said Rayne "do you mind if I go and get a towel?"
The three looked at each other not knowing what to say.
Why did no normal people come over on these exchange programmes?

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