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Oh How we Hate Them - The Manager Poem

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Oh How we Hate Them - The Manager Poem

Post  lyra on Thu 9 Aug 2012 - 7:21

Oh How We Hate Them!
(Scroll down for me reading the poem in my own video... The actors are a little - strange)

Oh how we hate them, the managers of our store
They look down on us like we’re dust on the floor
And yet we work, undervalued and underpaid
We get treated like children for minimum wage
We are the ones who fight off the storm
Keep the customers happy and the atmosphere warm
They are the ones who tell us what to do
Yet they do not have a single clue
Move this here, now move that there
The next day we’re pulling out our hair
When they decide to move it back
And if we sulk we get the sack
We must stand and greet and smile
Tidy up clothing in each isle
We rarely get our breaks on time
And have to pretend like everything’s fine
We take out stock and clean up wee
When the customers flood the lavatory
We can’t do ninety nine jobs in an hour
We are not heroes with superpowers
We are the ones who will up and quit
If they don’t stop treating us like we’re… well you know

Published in: A River of Words (Poetry Rivals 2010)


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