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Post  LyxisMorgan on Thu 9 Aug 2012 - 23:24

After many tears of frustration - and a few threats aimed at the internet (even one aimed at my laptop)- I finally managed to achieve what I started trying to do about a month ago. Yay me! cheers
You will now notice (if you have visited this site before) that I have a few links down the left side of the screen (trust me they weren't there a few days ago.)
The first link "view my stats" is a visitor log - if you want you can click on the link and see who is being drawn to this site (this is really for my benefit Razz )
The second (if you are viewing this message from the portal - which, to be fair, most people do) is a link to a website that is very useful, if you have a website of your own (it gets people coming to your site.)
The final three "Witches' Cottage", "Writer's Zone" and "Fun Zone" are internal links within this site. (the main site attractions perhaps flower )

What else is new?

I have added a new area in the poetry section of the site. "Published Poems" This area is for people to include poems that they have had published elsewhere. It's your place to say look what I've done! (If you have a video of yourself reading the poem why not embed it as well.)

Two new forums have been added to the writer's Zone "Mythic Oracle" and "Mythic High" Mythic Oracle is an internet newspaper that Lyra invented and is being added to on a fortnightly basis. Mythic High is eventually going to be a role playing game. We are working on creating it at the moment so hopefully it will be up and running within the next few months. (I did say HTML was something I struggled with right?)

Thanks to RosieBell we have now got a lot more data for the "Correspondences" Forum in the witches' Cottage. sunny

Well that's it for now... Enjoy your visit and Come again soon.

The Admin Team

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