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Post  LyxisMorgan on Tue 14 Aug 2012 - 12:23

Paganism is such a big umbrella word that covers so many different types of people. Ask anyone who tells you "I'm pagan" to describe what they believe in and you will get so many different answers. (Almost as many as the amount of people you ask) This is something that, I feel, makes Pagans special.

Every year, for about eight years, I went to the Beltane Bash in London. They have a parade at the beginning and then after we gather in a big hall and celebrate with drumming (100+ drums vibrating together and it is so noisy and empowering) and "opening the circle" During the opening we call the gods and goddesses. Which pantheism do we call? Every single one! Whatever god or goddess we believe in, we call. There are no arguments of who has the best god, no one tells you that you have summoned the wrong deity. In Paganism there is no wrong way. We celebrate that we are all different.

So here will go into detail about the different pagan paths from Alexandrian to Wiccan, Even the groups that have blended Christianity and paganism together.

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