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Divination Symbols - A

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Divination Symbols - A

Post  LyxisMorgan on Tue 14 Aug 2012 - 19:59

Symbols for Divination and what they could mean

When it comes to divination though it is probably better to go by your own interpretations of each symbol that you find. Reasons behind this are that where some cultures perceive a cat (for example) as being a bad sign, you might think, Well I like cats, and decide that a negative view is wrong. Whereas you may be frightened by rabbits and therefore consider any portrayal of rabbits to be a bad omen.

If script is underlined it is the meaning of the symbols for forms of Tasseomancy

ABBEY - Freedom from worry. future ease and freedom from worry.

ACE OF CLUBS - A letter.

ACE OF DIAMONDS - A present.

ACE OF HEARTS - Happiness.

ACE OF SPADES - A large building.

ACORNa very strong and fortunate symbol indicating happiness and contentment; at the top means financial success and gain; Middle of cup means Good health. Near bottom of cup means Improvement in health or finances. an improvement in health, continued health and strength

AIRCRAFT Sudden journey, not without risk. possible disappointment; can also mean a rise in position. If broken means an accident or danger of accident unsuccessful projects.

ALLIGATOR or CROCODILETreachery, an accident beware of false friendship lurking in your professional life.

ANCHORat top it can mean: rest, stability and constancy in love or business; Middle of cup means prosperous voyage. Near bottom of cup - social success; broken or clouded means inconstancy, Instability and can also symbolize an unpleasant situation or burden you should sail away from. For the rest of divination it is a lucky sign, Success in business and love.

ANGEL good news, especially good fortune in love and also protection

ANKLE - Instability

ANT Success through perseverance. hard work or busy phase will end productively.

ANVIL - Conscientious effort.

APES - secret enemies

APPLE life; creative or artistic achievement; abundance; Knowledge and business achievement long life, gain by commerce

APPLE TREE - change for the better

ARC - Ill health, accidents.

ARCHpositive opening or opportunity (look to nearby symbols for added meaning) Journey abroad, a wedding. a journey abroad

ARMpointing up = new directions; down = you need to motivate yourself; horizontal = help others or receive help from others.

ARROWup = good direction, yes; down = wrong direction, no; horizontal = no change. Note where pointing. a disagreeable letter from the arrow's direction

AXE difficulties; if at top overcoming of difficulties

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