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Post  Feronia on Sun 26 Aug 2012 - 18:40

I'm making this because I love meadows, when I get handfasted I want it to be in a nice meadow, who needs a fancy building with you have the amazing natural world around you!

Anyways making a small or large meadow can be quite a task but there are different ways of doing it.

Gradual Process

You'll need to grow or buy lots of plant plugs. Cut the grass in the area to give the plants a chance to take. Use a garden tool to make lots of holes throughout the area ready for your plugs to be planted.
Once done pack your plants in the holes with some compost. If the grass grows quickly you can clear out some of the grass around the plugs so they don't get shaded and crowded.
Over time you can increase the amount of flowers and decrease the amount of grass.

Another way would be to allow 'weeds' and wildflowers to gradually introduce through birds and insects carrying the seeds to your garden, you can clear small patches or grass and treat to encourage flowers to grow and when you see flowers you can weed the grass from around them to encourage them to spread. This would be a more natural and exciting way as you don't know what your going to get!

New Meadow

To completely create a meadow from scratch you will need to prepare the whole area. Dig out any grass and as many big roots as you can. Dig, rake and treat the area with some good soil if the condition is poor.

You can buy large boxes of wild flower seeds at garden centres or you can order genuine British wildflower seeds. Always check the right dates to sow. Scatter these evenly over your area, you can rake to cover some and leave to grow.


Although a meadow is a natural area that takes care of itself mostly we still can intervene to make them grow more healthy. At least once a year, near autumn you can mow the area down. You can also remove some plants in areas too over crowded and air the soil to help the plants space.

True British Flowers

You can never tell what your goin to get when you buy a pack of wild flower seeds, the flowers often contain exotic breeds which might not be suitable for local insects.

This website will help you buy genuine homeland seeds and plug plants as they check the stockers.

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