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Post  LyxisMorgan on Fri 14 Feb 2014 - 23:30

Hey everyone and welcome to The Writers Cauldron (or welcome back)... As you can see by the last news post, I really don't update the news too often.

Changes: A new colour scheme, dead links have been removed and on the home page there is now a Deity of the Day widget (let me know if you have any ideas for anything else you wish to see on this site)

New Posts:
Mythic Oracle has finally posted Issue Three (Ryla even tells you in her article why she did not meet her release date - please note Mythic Oracle is a fictional newspaper with a jovial horror theme)
You can check it out by following this link: Issue 4 will be coming very soon!

KidaBunny posted a new story in the action and adventure section called 'Conviction'. Follow this link to have a read: (please note you do have to be a member to view most of the stories and poems by members of this site)

And more Deities have been added to the Book of Shadows why not read about Bumba- the god of Vomit (Actually he is an African creation god with a very upset tummy but I was very fascinated researching this one) The Link:

In the Spotlight: In the spotlight is a new idea where I choose a poem or story that I really enjoyed and link it in the news (I won't be choosing my own for this because that just would not be fair) This time I have chosen "Pirate Raid" by KidaBunny Follow this link to check it out:

"Of course I'm in a bad mood - Some one just dropped a house on my sister!"

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I aim to make everyone smile (or Laugh) and thus make myself happy.

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