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Chantico: Aztec Fire Goddess

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Chantico: Aztec Fire Goddess

Post  LyxisMorgan on Sat 18 Jul 2015 - 16:54


Aztec Goddess of the hearth fires and of volcanoes
Pronunciation Guide: chan-TEE-ko
Meaning: she who dwells in the house
Influence: Goddess of precious things, wealth, stability, kinship, unity, cooperation, communication, divination, protection, and home, Femininity, Beauty, Radiance, Grace, Help Healer in Treatments giving more life energy, Protection of yourself and family, Enhances Divination, Enhances Intuition, Fertility, Abundance of Precious Stones Jewellery
Metals: Silver, copper
Element: Fire
Gem Stones: red-toned agate, Amethyst, Jade
Related Dieties: female counterpart of Xiuhtecuhtli

Chantico is the goddess of precious things and is very protective of her possessions, and guards them well. There are many Aztec legends as to what she does to people, or other gods, who take her things.

In the tonalpohualli, Chantico rules over trecena Ehecatl (wind).

Ancient Aztecs prayed to Chantico to bestow wealth and stability upon their homes and men going to battle would pray to her that they would return to find the fire still burning. Children petition Her to know the future. Another important aspect of this Goddess, is that She attaches, with the participation of other Goddesses, to the invention of the jewellery. But She in particular was granted the invention of cosmetics.  She was especially venerated by the Association of Jewelers, as well as by the stone engravers, gem cutters and polishers.

Tonacatecuhtli once caught her eating a lovely bit of roasted fish smeared with paprika, a spice that had been banned during the fast day. To show his displeasure he promptly turned her into a dog as punishment. She also wears a crown of poisonous cactus spikes, and takes the form of a red serpent.

Around the first Sunday in May, Catholic and Jewish congregations celebrate Family Week, a time to focus our attention on family solidarity and how to improve the quality of family life. Chantico is a good Goddess to entreat for assistance in this endeavour. Gather with your family or friends today, light a candle (symbolizing Chantico’s presence), and rededicate yourselves to oneness.
Carrying or wearing silver, copper, red-toned agate, amethyst or jade today draws Chantico’s presence and encourage the warmth of kinship no matter where you may be.
To extend this idea, take a piece of paper with the word ‘Earth’ written on it and wrap it around one of these metals or stones. That way you share Chantico’s unifying energy with all the earth’s inhabitants.

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