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FAQ - Rankings

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FAQ - Rankings

Post  rockgod on Sun 11 Jul 2010 - 1:24

What are rankings?
A ranking is based on the number of posts you have posted since joining the group. It is really just for fun.

What does my ranking mean?
There are thirteen different rankings on "The Writer's Cauldron" and they are:
Reader: You have this ranking as soon as you join until you post 5 messages
Poem: between 5 and 29 posts on this site
Short Story: between 30 and 99 posts
Novelette: 100 to 499 posts
Novella:500 to 999 posts (from this ranking on you are considered absolutely epic)
Novel: 1000 to 1999
Tolkien: 2000 to 4999
The Gods: 5000+

And then there are the special rankings:
Administrators: The Site Team Wink
Moderators: Ask if you would like to join this team Cool
Editors: People who have been voted as giving amazing feed back on someone else's work.
King / Queen: The Member who has posted the most during the last month (excluding site Admin and Moderators)
Spammer: The idiot(s) being watched for posting junk or abuse. Failing to stop results in being banned from the site. Exclamation

How do I get a special ranking? / Can I make up my own Ranking?
Special rankings are awarded to members who have been reconised and praised around the site for their kindness (it's not quite the word we are looking for Embarassed ) Most rankings are set to activate automatically and won't be changed, ie the message rankings.
As for making up your own. Only those who have been awarded the privilege will be able to change their ranking. however if there are any breaches of the rules this privilege will be taken away.

Have we answered all your questions? If not post your question to LyxisMorgan using the private message (PM) section in the profiles screen or post your question onto the general discussions message board.

Rockgod - Administrator

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