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Post  LyxisMorgan on Sun 11 Jul 2010 - 15:24

Please Do NOT do the following:

- Have shocking sayings (racist, homophobic, sexist, invitations to commit genocides, etc.) The exception to this rule is when you are writing poems and stories but please do not make them too extreme. If it is deemed to be too offensive we will have to remove it.
- Post to say nothing (flood)
- Double-post. Please, edit your posts (if you double post by accident please remove the muliples. If you do not know how to do this or can not access the 'edit' button please PM a moderator or one of the admins and we will do it for you)
- Correct people who make mistakes regarding the rules. It's the moderator's job to do this. (instead PM the moderators who will look into the situation and deal with it accordingly)
- Be aggressive towards any other members or guests (if someone is aggressive towards you do not retaliate instead report it to the moderators. Otherwise you will recieve a warning as well)
- Destroy a topic you judge uninteresting, but that may interest other people.
- Use of excessive SMS language, for respect towards co-forumers (and me, I have little understanding of SMS)

Criticism about moderators' actions, criticism about Forumotion

Criticism is a good thing, as long as it is done in a correct way. You have the right to disagree. However, we ask you to stay polite and to avoid insults towards a moderator or the moderator team or even the administrators. Moderators and Administrators are members, and as members, having a lack of respect towards them is liable to a ban. Alternatively if a Moderator or Admin is abusive to you please report this to another admin immediately so this issue can be resolved, it is a question of civility. In return, moderators will listen you and, sometimes, adopt some of your propositions.

However, if your proposition is not accepted, it's useless to make it a drama. You don't possess the ultimate truth and nobody has the obligation to agree.

What will happen

Topics will be closed if they do not follow the rules.

Members will be warned on the first instance of not following the rules and their ranking will display Watched Member (so that moderators can easily see that rules have been broken) for a six month period.

Members will be banned if they continue to ignore the rules even if we warned them and/or will post deliberately:
- Trap links or lottery games
- Aggressive messages against anyone
- Attempts to destroy any topic judged uninteresting by your ego
- Messages with shocking content (It is possible that you get a first warning, but if you continue... you get out)
- Who will try to create "clans" and to turn against one category of users

Please adhere to the rules as we do not wish to be forced to take action, we're here for enjoyment too!

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