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Post  kidabunny on Sun 11 Jul 2010 - 20:55

I'm not sure what category my story should be posted in.  Will it get deleted if I'm wrong?

No, it won't be deleted.  Decide what category you think suits your work best and post your work.  If you later think it is in the wrong category, then we will move it to the more appropriate one (we all know how you can start writing one type of story and the get a character that just won't let you go in the direction that you want), Just PM a member of the admin team and they will get round to sorting it out for you..

How do I find a list of everything that I've posted?

View your profile, and click on the "statistics" tab.  Click the "view all [insert username] posts" link and it will take you to all the posts that you have submitted.

Okay!  So how do I view all the stories and posts that someone else has made?

The same way.  Click on their name to view their profile, then click the "statistics" tab and the link.  You will see a list of everything they have submitted to the site.

I want to add more chapters to my story.  Can I do this?

No, not really.  The way that chapters work is you will have to submit them all as separate stories, clearly marking in the title what chapter it is (Eg, "my awesome story - chapter 1" etc).  If however you have many chapters, you can PM an admin and ask them to create a sub category to keep your story together.  This request can be accepted or delined as the admins see fit. (though to be fair we haven't said no yet)

Can I fave a story that is submitted if I like it?

Yes you can. At the top of the message on the right hand side is a small link that reads "Actions" click on this and you will get a drop down menu. one of the items on that menu is "add to favourites". This means that you now wont be notified about new posts made on the one you like... That is if you remember to stop watching the topics of all the posts that you are currently watching.

Where can I find the posts that are in my Favourites?
You can find all of them in your profile under the section "favourites"

Can I see the favourites that other people have?
Yes. just view their profile. (We practice everything on the site to see how it works so check out an Admin profile to see what you can do.)

So how do I keep track of my favourite authors?

Right now, there is no faving system for authors we're afraid.  We have provided a box on your profile however where you can type in the usernames of your favourite authors so you don't lose track of them.  Go to edit your profile and see the "favourite member authors" box.  Type their username in and save.

Hey!  on your profile you have the author name's linked to their profiles!

Yes.  This site supports BBCoding, which is a type of HTML that allows you to change fonts, colours, add images and links to comments and posts (if this facility is abused however, it sadly will be removed).  To link a name in your "favourite member author" list, you do as follows:

Use the BBcode [ url ] [ /url ] without spaces, which activates the code.

Add the link in, eg [url= www .insertlinktotheirprofilehere. com][ /url ] This is provide the link.

As this stands, this would just show the link.  eg, [/url][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] is the link to my profile.

To add text instead of the link, this case their name, simply type the words you want between the two sets of brackets.  Eg, [ url = www .insertlinktotheirprofile. com ] put their name here [ /url]

If you've done this right, it should look like this: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

If you have any questions about this, please PM me (KidaBunny) about this issue and I will help you resolve it.

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Post  LyxisMorgan on Tue 24 May 2011 - 3:34

Even other members of the Admin team find themselves PMing KidaBunny about this frequently. lol!

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