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Around the campfire - Part 1 by Lyra

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Around the campfire - Part 1 by Lyra

Post  lyra on Tue 13 Dec 2011 - 1:04

The camp fire was finally burning bright and the students of Mr Knightley's Sixth form were gathered up to brave the night deep in the dark forest of Epping. Various tales of these woods were known though no one was certain if any held any truth. Alexandrie Blackmore didn't believe any of the stories and she had not even wanted to go on the "stupid school trip" but her parents had thought that a night in the forest with her English class would be good for her and had signed the permission slip and sent it back to the teacher before the young student had any time to ask them not to. She sighed loudly and then started to fish through her bag for the one thing that, as far as she was concerned, would make this whole trip worthwhile, Marshmallows. Four bags of pink and white fluffy burny goodness.
Logan Origins was suffering again with stinging eyes and fits of sneezing. He was allergic to everything... Okay so it was just a bad cold, but he was a complainer and if he wanted to be allergic to everything then that is what he was going to claim! And don't anyone tell him different! He crawled into his tent and after a fit of sneezing fell into the land of dreams. How anyone could sleep with the noise outside of his tent was a mystery that only the gods might know.
Mr Knightley looked at the twenty four students gathered round the fire (it would had been twenty five if Logan had stayed with the others) and decided to get to the purpose of their visit - inspiration for Creative Writing... and what better way to gain inspiration for a brief story than to live it. The teacher hoped that something interesting would come out of this trip otherwise he would have to read 25 boring stories about sleeping in tents and eating junk food.
"in groups of three venture into the forest with your torches (flash-lights) and bring back a red stone. Don't forget your whistles in case you can't get back to the fire the forest does like to play tricks once every now and again"

Alexandrie teamed up with her two best friends and the jogged out of the small clearing to hunt the stupid red stone. They were not gone for very long when....................

If you have an idea please take over... there are also plenty of other people to choose from and name...

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