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Getting Published

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Getting Published

Post  LyxisMorgan on Thu 15 Dec 2011 - 10:57

It can be very hard to find somewhere that will accept that first piece of work, and at times, can be very discouraging, especially when the rejection letters come rolling in.
But the most important things to remember are:
Don't stop trying. (This is your baby and eventually someone is going to see it for the gem that it is - I'm a woman; expect the odd child analogy.)
A writer should never pay for his or her own work to be published. They should be paying you! Vanity publishers do not care about the work that is submitted to them. they only care about the money that is placed in their hands. They will not advertise your work. And they will not help you to make yourself known. If you want publicity you will have to make it for yourself which will cost you even more money.

But how do you layout your work so that it does not go from the publishers table straight into the bin?
For poetry it is reasonably simple:
Only have one poem typed per page, in a clear and easy to read font. (never send hand written material - unless it is for a competition that specifies that you can)
Only have your work on one side of the paper. And make sure that it is good quality. Don't send work with coffee stains and scribbles in the margins as this is more likely to get it thrown straight in the bin (obvious I know!)
If you want a response send a Stamped Self Addressed envelope. this makes it easier for them to get back to you and saves them time.
Send a letter with the work along the lines of I'm sending you my poem "Cats" and hope that you consider it for publication in you magazine 'The Still Life'. This cover letter should have your name and address printed clearly (I shall upload a copy of the letter I use as a guide)

Well I'll continue this later. Unfortunatlly I now have to go to work.

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