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FAQ - Points and Reputation

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FAQ - Points and Reputation Empty FAQ - Points and Reputation

Post  LyxisMorgan Fri 10 Aug 2012 - 23:46

What are Points?

Points are given out automatically on this site when you post or reply to a message in general replying to a message will get you one point and making a new message will get you three. However there are areas of this site that will reward you more.
Posting an introduction or even replying to someone's intro will get you five points each.
Posting in the poetry section with a new topic will also gain five points and posting a story is worth ten.

How do I get reputation?

This is affected by other people who view your posts. If they like what they see they can press the + button (located on the right of the screen next to details on the person who posted) and also if they don't like it - votes can also be given. (I doubt anyone would get down voted here unless they were posting nasty messages or spam) We do check reputation though as a way to find "the bad eggs" but we review the topics posted to see if it is a fair mark or someone else using the system against us. (if it turns out that we feel a point was unfairly given we can reset them.)

I can't vote at all, what is going on?

Have you posted five (5) messages yet? Anyone with fewer than five posts can not give reputation to other members. Go and join in the discussions add an intro or post up some of your work.

I have more than five posts and I'm still not able to vote

Okay then possibly a bug on our end PM LyxisMorgan and let me know and I shall check to make sure none of the settings have been changed and PM you when I think I've solved the issue.

If you have any more questions regarding this topic please send your questions by PM to LyxisMorgan and we shall get back to you

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