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Naturalistic Paganism Empty Naturalistic Paganism

Post  LyxisMorgan Tue 14 Aug 2012 - 12:40

I actually only just found out this one, which is strange as I think it is the one that I fall under. for years now I've been saying that I don't have any set group of gods I believe in more and I think of calling the gods as more symbolic than real. Like if want want a sunny day I might sing "Hail to the sun god. He's a really fun god. Ra, Ra, Ra!!" and be thinking come on sun shine today, English weather is boring without you. Ra for me is just a name for the sun. (and the sun has many names, my mood determines which I use) I've been calling this Eclectic.

Naturalistic Pagans don’t believe in any supernatural beings, forces or realms. For naturalistic paganism, the pagan gods and rituals are not taken literally but as symbolic expressions of a reverential attitude to Nature, while magick is a kind of therapy or "soul-work" rather than a supernatural way of controlling natural events.

Nature is the centre of their spiritual approach. They revere Nature and the wider Universe but have different ways of expressing those sentiments. Going out into nature is the most common practice, but many of them may add some celebratory or meditative practice. They do so while remaining completely naturalistic. They don't believe in heavens or hells, gods or ghosts, spells or miracles. Instead they focus on our present lives on this beautiful planet.

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