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Insect Towers / Homes

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Insect Towers / Homes Empty Insect Towers / Homes

Post  Feronia Sun 26 Aug 2012 - 18:44

A lot of insects such as Stag Beetle larvae need homes to live just like us if their going to survive. One of the probable main causes for decline in insects such as Stag Beetles is the movement of habitats, destruction of habitats and formal gardens.

You can help support the homes of insects by a few simple measures.

Log Piles - Insects love wood, especially rotting wood, as people who have visited places such as Parndon Wood in Harlow will have noticed is that the conservationists have left large piles of wood everywhere! Sometimes making a nice mess and leaving things natural even if they do not visually please can do the world of good for our little creepy crawly friends.

Even if you don't like insects but you do like birds it can't be denied that birds are also in decline and helping insects will help them.

Insect Towers - These can be brought or made. You can by small insects towers with threads to be hung onto tree's and shrubs, though I admit they can be costly and most of the time I don't see many insects in them.
You can make your own and hang them from trees and also put them on the floor.

To make your own you of course need flat wood which can be drilled provided shelter and some bamboo piping.

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Insect Walls - These can be put anywhere in the garden but a damp place will be best. These can be small or large and as complicated or simple as you like. Here is an example of one.

Firstly dig an area where the wall will be, then place some damp wood in this as your base. It will be kept warm and undisturbed and sheltered for insects such as Stag Larvae. Next you could place some bricks, clay pots or whatever you fancy. Build your wall up using a frame and slotting in different materials such as hay, poping, bricks, stones, lots of wood. for the top you could even put an area for trailing plants which will both cover the perhaps unsightly wall but more importantly provide even more shelter for the insects.

One things is important, you must true your best not to disturb your log pile, tower, wall. But you can admire the strange things that creep out and around it Smile

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