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The White Witch - Waltham Abbey

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The White Witch - Waltham Abbey Empty The White Witch - Waltham Abbey

Post  Feronia Sun 26 Aug 2012 - 19:09

The White Witch
Find there store at:
Located - Based opposite the historic Christian site of Waltham Abbey and housed in a lovely 500 year old building, White Witch is staffed by friendly witches and magickal practitioners. - quote from

The shop is easy to miss it's right on a small corner. It's next to a pub called the Green Dragon if memory serves me correct. Nearby there is an archway with a pub built in and the archway leads to the abbey I think. It has an obvious window display though.

Goods - They sell gems, candles, lots of books especially Wiccan based, herbs, scents, tinctures, jewellery, home decorations, sometimes staffs, ritual items (goblets etc), spell sets, fun bumpers and stickers and also have a friendly service.

Also can now shop online:

Contact/Website -

Seriously recommend checking out this website Very Happy

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