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Mythic Oracle - Issue 3

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Mythic Oracle - Issue 3 Empty Mythic Oracle - Issue 3

Post  lyra Fri 14 Feb 2014 - 4:33

Mythic Oracle (Issue 3)

Local Newspaper Girl Apologizes

Yep you read that right people. In the last two issues we, (okay me, Ryla - Whoops) named and shamed a local student werewolf for the murders of three human students and thus drove the boy to flee the school in fear of a mob with pitchforks. (yes that still happens even now)

We have since learned that Borhen really was locked up in a cage during the attacks and therefore really could not have murdered anyone. - And I've been told to point out that in his wolf form it would not be his fault as he can not control the desires of the wolf yet and that is the very reason that he is in school in the first place. so please no more linch mobs or I wont be able to write this paper any more.

I do however have a first hand account of who really attacked the humans - though I really don't understand why she came after me. I'm a shifter! (I can change me ears into kitten ears)

Nama Eilie (a Half Drowl) Knocked me into a coma (which I woke up from just yesterday) and chewed off one of my toes.

Thankfully her brother was hunting for her and came just in time to stop her before the situation got worse for me. He tells the Oracle "My sister is a sweet girl really, she is just struggling to understand the difference between students and Lunch."

Nama has been detained in Mythic Valley's Institute for the insane where they hope to be able to help her control her little problem - Personally I, and my missing toe, hope she stays there.

- Ryla "Kittenears"

In Other News:

Problems with The Drone A game craze has sent the staff of Luna Drone into a fury - No one will leave!... Read more on page 4

Love is still in the air A werewolf and a Vampire is a couple that no one ever expects but you can read their story... page 11

She's A Princess! There is royal blood roaming the halls of Mythic High get the inside scoop... page 14

Special Valentines Day offer: Eight free frogs’ legs and two free eye of lizard when you buy any love potion at the Coven’s Brew

Want to see Issue Two of Mythic Oracle? View it here:

Waiting for issue 4? It will be coming very soon!!!

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