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Post  LyxisMorgan Mon 17 Feb 2014 - 22:40

Absorbing and destroying negativity, healing severe diseases, banishing. The colour black attracts Saturn energy and can open up the deeper levels of the consciousness. Good for use in rituals to induce deep meditation or to banish evil and negativity.

A spiritual colour that promotes laughter and joviality. It is the colour of loyalty and is used to attract the energy of Jupiter or whenever and influence or intention needs to be increased. It brings good fortune, wisdom and opens up blocked communication.

Working magic for animals, healing animals, the home. Brown is an earthly balanced colour that is good for rituals for material increase. It can influence friendships, eliminate indecisiveness and improves the powers of concentration. It can also help to locate lost objects

Dark Blue:
Change, flexibility, the subconscious mind, psychic abilities, healing

Beneficial in rituals to gain fast money or luck and rituals needing solar energy. It is a happy playful colour that fosters understanding and attracts the powers of the cosmic

Neutrality, useful for pondering complex issues in meditation. It also helps combat negative and evil energies and neutralises them.

Finances, money, fertility, prosperity, growth, luck, employment. Green is a good colour for tree and plant magic, it is the colour of the mother earth. It helps with jealousy, ambition and greed. It can attract love, social delights and increase fertility. Also helps with monetary success, physical health and abundance.

Good to use in rituals that need Saturn energy. It is beneficial in rituals that require deep meditation state

Light Blue:
Tranquillity, healing, patience, happiness

A combination of red and violet, energises rituals where immediate action or high levels of power or spiritual healing are needed.

Adaptability, stimulation, attraction. Orange is a colour that can help with legal and business matters. It helps with ambition, career goals and general success.

Love, honour, morality, friendships. Pink is a loving, nurturing colour that attracts love and friendships. It is the standard colour for rituals to attract love or loving relationships. It is a very feminine colour that can bring good, interesting, lively conversation to the dinner table.

Power, healing severe diseases, spirituality, meditation. Purple is a very spiritual colour that can help attract influences in high places. It is ideal for rituals to secure ambition, financial rewards and independence. It helps to bring contact with spiritual world and increases Neptune energy.

Protection, strength, health, vigor, lust, sex, passion, courage, exorcism. The colour red encourages passion, strength and courage. It aids fertility, will power and increases magnetism in rituals. Red draws Aries and Scorpio energy.

Feminine power and aids intuition, dreams and astral energies. It removes negativity and encourages stability, helps attract psychic energies and attracts the influence of the mother goddess

Intellect, attraction, study, persuasion, confidence, divination. Aids concentration, creativity and intelligence. It brings the power of concentration and imagination to rituals and is good for selling yourself. Use in rituals where you wish to gain another's confidence or persuade someone, or in rituals that require solar energy.

Protection, purification, peace, truth, sincerity. It is very enlightening and spiritual. It is a cleansing, truth seeking colour that heals. It is a very beneficial colour for rituals involving lunar energy and may be substituted for any other colour.

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