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Post  LyxisMorgan on Mon 12 Jul 2010 - 21:21

How do I add my signature?
First click on your profile and then click on the tab 'signatures' and add what you want into that box and press save.

Why is my signature not visible at the end of my messages?
There are two reasons that this might happen the first is that you might not have a special ranking yet. Special rankings can be obtained by winning the writing challenge of one of the months, being a moderator, or being an Editor. (see rankings for more information about this)
the second is that you might not have checked the box at the end of your message saying 'included my signature' (note: you have to have a special ranking for this to appear)

Why do I have to have a special ranking to even get a signature?
Well it wouldn't be much of a bonus for people who won a competition if there was no prize and considering that not everyone lives in England it would be very expensive to send real prizes besides which not everyone wants to hand out their address.

What is an Avatar?
An Avatar is an Image used to portray yourself (it is something for fun and should not include offencive or explict material.)

How do I get an Avatar?
Click on the profile map link at the top of the page from there you will be able to see your profile information
look to the top right and you will see four links click on avatars
next brouse through the gallery at the bottom of the screen and sellect your avatar then click save at it should then appear on the screen whenever you type a message

Can I upload an Image from my computer?
Of course you can (so long as it is not an offensive or explict image) to do so do the same as above except click browse instead of gallery and then find it on your computer

It did not appear?
I uploaded a picture of myself as Avatar on another site resently and could not see the picture after I had up loaded it. I clicked save anyway and then refreshed the page and it had appeared. If that doesn't work then check that the file is not too big. Check the size of the picture and then resize it if you need to. This can be done in paint by clicking on Image in the top left of your screen and then clicking on stretch/skew and then changing the percentages of the horizonatal and vertical perramitars of the picture.

What are the different types of Avartars that can be found in the gallery?
Movies (Actors, Actresses, Lord of the Rings, Starwars, etc)
Cartoons (Simpsons, Southpark, Dragon Ball, etc)
Video Games
Science Fiction

I have another question that does not appear here? Or have a solution to a problem that's already o this page
reply to this topic with your question or PM one of the Admins

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