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Sing the Wee - Legend

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Sing the Wee - Legend

Post  Feronia on Tue 27 Dec 2011 - 23:48

Sing The Wee - Legend

background chant:

Ringle-rangle, ringle-rangle, etc.

Deep there above the greenery

Meddle and mischief sing the Wee

Hidden among the greenery

"We are the Free-Folk," sing the Wee

Nettles and nuisance bring the Wee

Tingle and tangle sing the Wee

Under the forest canopy

"We are the Free-Folk," sing the Wee

Tatter and scatter bring the Wee

Freckle and fumble sing the Wee

Getting you from behind a tree

"Fun is a wonder," sing the Wee

female soloist interpolated into third verse:

We are the Wee

As you can see

So wild and free

So sing the Wee

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