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Dactylomancy (Divination using Rings)

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Dactylomancy (Divination using Rings)

Post  LyxisMorgan on Tue 3 Jan 2012 - 0:02


Derived from the Greek word dakterlios – (finger ring) and manteia (Divination), is form of divination using rings. There are various methods used. One method involves suspending a ring within a glass. If the glass is struck once it will indicate a "yes" answer, and twice will indicate a "no" answer.

A more complex form of dactylomancy was practiced in Europe during the Middle Ages in which a ring was suspended above a circular table marked with the symbols of the zodiac. 78 metal discs inscribed with a letter of the alphabet (three discs per letter) were then placed on the table and the thread holding the ring was burnt. The letters that the ring rolled across and the one on which it halted were then consulted to form the answer to the question being divined. In this tradition, the metal that from which the ring was made of was determined by the day of the week.

Monday - Silver, to represent the moon
Tuesday - Iron, to represent Mars
Wednesday - Tin/lead, to represent Mercury
Thursday - Tin, to represent Jupiter
Friday - Copper, to represent Venus
Saturday - Lead, to represent Saturn
Sunday - Gold, to represent the sun

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