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willow's Song: From the Wicker Man

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willow's Song: From the Wicker Man

Post  Shadow on Mon 16 Jan 2012 - 13:57

Willow's Song (aka The Siren's Song)

Enchanting song from a very good film.

Heigh ho
Who is there?
No one but me my dear.

Please come
Say how do the things I'll give to you?

A stroke as gentle as a feather
I'll catch a rainbow from the sky and tie the ends together

Heigh ho
I am here.
Am I not young and fair ?

Please come
Say how do the things I'll show to you?

Would you have a wond'rous sight?
The midday sun at midnight

Fair maid, white and red,
Comb you smooth and stroke your head

How a maid can milk a bull
And every stroke a bucketful

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