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Mythic Valley - Places and Opening times.

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Mythic Valley - Places and Opening times.

Post  lyra on Wed 8 Aug 2012 - 2:03

Mythic Valley is a town situated between two large hills. The Castle of Mythic High is in the centre of the town and the surrounding areas are the many shops and interests.

Mythic High
The school of Mythic Valley which accepts supernaturals and humans from the ages of 11 - 16 years, for training in many different lessons including:
The Study of Human Contact - Is your ghostly child having problems with not being able to produce a good scream? This class will teach the fine art of scaring.
Grooming Classes - Werewolves and monsters alike benefit greatly from these lessons... getting a date with dinner just got easier.
Broom Flying - Every good school needs Beginner Flying lessons but here at Mythic High, Advanced Flying also introduces the hoover and the carpet. It's all about appearances for our little witches.
The Art of Blood Letting - Teaching your young Vampires control - A human who survives is a meal for tomorrow!

Cauldron Cafe Where our willing staff are the menu!
Sorry due to Extreme blood loss we are currently closed!
Our human staff are waiting eagerly to open a vein with a happy smile. Come and enjoy our range of drinks.

The Coven's Brew
Opening hours: the witching hour
Spells, potions, hexes and curses. What more in life do you need?

Luna Drone Game Studio

Opening hours: 24/7 from the 15th of August 2012
It's a blast!

Locked in the Crypt
An asylum for the most terrifyingly mental and incurable patients - we keep them locked up so that you don't stay locked in.
Visiting times: Once in a Blue Moon

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