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Post  LyxisMorgan on Thu 22 Dec 2011 - 1:12

Yule is normally on the 20th or 21st of December and is the time of the year when night is at it's longest and day is at it's shortest. Also known as the winter solstice.

Other Names: Jul (“wheel”, Old Norse), Saturnalia (Rome ~December 17 & 18), Yuletide(Teutonic), Midwinter, Fionn’s Day, Alban huan, Christmas (Christian~December 25), Xmas, Festival of Sol, Solar/Secular/Pagan New Year

Animals: Sacred White Buffalo, Stag, Wren, Robin, Reindeer, Goat, White Buffalo, Phoenix, Wolf, Hawk, Squirrels
Crystals: Bloodstone, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Tiger’s Eye, Garnet
Incense/Oils: bayberry, cedar, ginger, cinnamon, pine, rosemary, frankincense, myrrh, nutmeg, wintergreen, saffron
Colours: Red, Green, White, Gold, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Blue
Tools,Symbols, & Decorations: bayberry candles, evergreens, holly, mistletoe, poinsettia,mistletoe, lights, gifts, Yule log, Yule tree. spinning wheels, wreaths, bells, mother & child images
Deities: Great Mother, Befana, Strega, Holda, Isis, Triple Goddess, Tonazin, Lucina, St. Lucy, Bona Dea, Mother Earth, Eve, Ops, the Snow Queen, Hertha, Frey, Sun Child, Saturn, Cronos, Horus, Ra, Mithras, Balder, Santa Claus, Odin, Holly King, Sol Invicta, Janus, Marduk, Old Man Winter
Essence: Honour, Rebirth, Transformation, Light out of darkness, Creative inspiration, The mysteries, New life, Regeneration, Inner renewal, Reflection/introspection
Foods: Nuts, Apple, Pear, Caraway cakes soaked with cider, Pork, Orange, Hibiscus or ginger tea, Turkey, Fruitcake, Dried fruit, Cookies, Eggnog, Mulled wine
Herbs: Thistle, Evergreen, Moss, Oak, Sage, Bay, Bayberry, Cedar, Pine, Frankincense, Ginger, Holly, Ivy, Juniper, Mistletoe, Myrrh, Pinecones, Rosemary, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Valarion, Yarrow
Element: Earth
Point in the Day: Dawn

My favourite ritual is the one for the holly and the oak kings. This is the simple version of the ritual that I'll post up when I find my notes (I'm in the long process of moving house and all my stuff is packed away in boxes until we can finally find somewhere!!! See the frustration? moving is no fun!)
The Holly King is the representation of the winter and night time. if he continues to sit on the throne winter will continue to get worse and the night will continue to grow longer. So along comes the Oak King, he is the representation of the summer and of day. He battles the holly king, kills him and claims the throne. hooray summer is going to return.

There is a poem by our Moderator Lyra 'The Holly and the Oak' Which captures this theme beautifully. It can be found in the 'Writers Cauldron' under poetry (you can view it only if your registered - sorry)

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Re: Yule

Post  lyra on Sat 11 Aug 2012 - 13:40

LyxisMorgan wrote:There is a poem by our Moderator Lyra 'The Holly and the Oak' Which captures this theme beautifully. It can be found in the 'Writers Cauldron' under poetry (you can view it only if your registered - sorry)

I moved that poem into the Published Poems section of the site a few days ago. It can now be viewed by anyone using this link:
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