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Molybdomancy (Divination using metal, like lead or tin)

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Molybdomancy (Divination using metal, like lead or tin)

Post  LyxisMorgan on Tue 3 Jan 2012 - 16:22

Molybdomancy derived from ancient Greek word molubdos (lead) is a system of divination that uses melted metal. Melted lead or tin is dropped into a container of water.

The method was invented in ancient Greece, and today it is a common New Year tradition in the Nordic countries and Germany and Austria. Classically, tin is melted on a stove and poured into a bucket of cold water. The resulting shape is then rotated in candlelight to create shadows, whose shapes are then interpreted.

In Finland, shops sell ladles and small bullions in the shape of a horseshoe for this express purpose. Originally made from tin, now they are made from cheaper low-melting alloys based on lead. The practice is known as uudenvuodentina; World's largest uudenvuodentina, 41 kg, was cast by members of the Valko volunteer fire department in Loviisa, Finland in New Year 2010.

The shapes are often interpreted not only literally, but also symbolically:

A bubbly surface - money

A fragile or broken shape - misfortune

Ships - travelling

Keys - career advancement

A basket - a good mushroom year

A horse: a new car

While researching this I found a link to a You Tube video from Ireland that demonstrates this method.

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