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How did you become a pagan

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How did you become a pagan

Post  Johnan on Fri 30 Dec 2011 - 12:09

Hi there, I'm Johnson and I've been a pagan for ten years. I follow the Alexandrian path.

How did you become a Pagan and what path did you choose?


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Re: How did you become a pagan

Post  LyxisMorgan on Sat 31 Dec 2011 - 12:24

Well there is a lot to my story and it is too long too write it all down... so here is the abridged version.

My mother was a Pagan, And I had hoped that finding out about Paganism would help us to love each other (I was a young teenager at the time and did not realise that parents are supposed to love you no matter what.)
Any way I spend the next few years of my life trying to learn as much as I can - but never letting on to my distant mother what it was I was learning. And then while I was in college studying Engineering I bumped into some friends who were also into Paganism (Feronia was one of these) Through them I learned to follow my own path and that I did not need to gain my mother's love to be a person that people liked.
I went along to moots and eventually started running one. (that's finished with now but only because I'm moving to another to and it's too far to keep travelling back to.)

I call myself an elecitic as I do not follow any of the main practices but instead hold on to my own views and ideas incorporating from every faith the parts that I agree with and leaving the rest.
I try to live my life based on a few simple views -
1) no one's belief is wrong for to believe is to make it real (Just because I do not believe in something does not make it the wrong thing... If the whole world believed this one there would be no wars about religion... There would still be wars though as it would seem to be human nature to want to fight... start ramming your views down my face though and I will go out of my way to pull back the curtains)
2) do to other's as I would have them do to me (I don't want people to bully me or punch me so I wont go round punching or bullying other people - I live this one every day - even if I think something nasty I have a go at myself)
3) hurt me on purpose and the deals off (I'm not a fan of the violence but that does not mean that I should not defend myself at all. Besides, if someone wants to cause you pain all the fluffy white rabbits are not going to stop them)

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