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What is Mythic High all about? - And Character Creation Information

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What is Mythic High all about? - And Character Creation Information

Post  lyra on Wed 8 Aug 2012 - 14:53


Mythic High was started as a writing concept a few years ago. The idea was to create a story that was just newspaper headlines written by a first year Shape shifter called Ryla Kittenears aged 15. (More mentioned about her in the members only section of Mythic High)

The Game

The idea of this game is different from other role playing games:

You can create as many character as you want.

Interact with other School Mates in Mythic High.

Add your stories to the Newspaper. (Front page News only - published every fortnight)

Solve the mysteries of the Valley.

Create a character... they can be any Mythical or supernatural that you wish. Though a couple of races have rules:

Vampires are killed by sunlight in my world - though you can create a "Day Walker" - they are rare and weaker than the Vampires and have very sensitive eyes when in day time (the sunglasses indoors types)

Werewolves (and were-creatures) are Full Moon affected only. Any thing that can change at will is a shape shifter.

Witches are not classed as human is this world but do look completely human.

Humans yes you can have a human... but they tend to die quickly in Mythic Valley.

What info do you need:

Character Name
Character Race
Status (are you alive or dead - Humans tend to come back as ghosts frequently and can continue to study, after time can even get revenge)
Night School or Day School (school hours are 24/6 so that Vampires can study too - Sundays are free days)
Back Ground
Special Item (you don't have to have one of these, it's for people with special items in their back ground)

Where do I Play?

Join the forum and as a member you will see the Entrance Hall and the School. (as well as the other parts on this site that guests can not view)

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