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Mythic Oracle - Issue 2

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Mythic Oracle - Issue 2

Post  lyra on Tue 21 Aug 2012 - 12:50

Mythic Oracle (Issue 2)

The Count’s Cauldron Suffers Lack Blood

The Count’s Cauldron had to close on the 9th of August due to blood loss for all of its employees. This came as a result of the offer they were running in the last Issue of this Paper.
The Count’s Cauldron Café has always been known to serve the best vampire treats at the most affordable prices. Yet when they released their advert saying ‘two bites for the price of one special’ they found themselves completely overpowered by the amount of vampires that turned up for their two bites.
The staff and Management, not wanting to turn their valued customers away, did all they could to satisfy their needs. Consequently a lot of the staff ended up having to phone in sick after the second day and seven of the team had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency blood transfusions. Some of the staff are still in critical conditions and a team of witches are doing all they can to get them back on their feet.
The Owner, Steve Fuller, has been forced by the circumstances to close the Café for a few months to give his team the much needed time to recover.
“We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause to the vampire community but I am also sure that they understand the reasons behind this decision. My team of human staff is very important to me and their health has to come first. We shall be reopening before Halloween.” Steve Fuller told the Oracle this morning.
For now it looks like vampires will have to find somewhere else to catch their snacks.

- Ryla Kittenears

In other News:

Named and Shamed After the front page story of our last issue, High school werewolf, Borhen Delahart, has run away. The students feel that this only proves him to be guilty of the human attack. We interview his classmates on page 10

New student arrives on a flying carpet!!! Find out who she is on page 12

Infatuated. We speak to couples that can’t seem to get enough of each other. see page 21

Two free frogs’ legs when you buy any love potion at the Coven’s Brew

Want to see Issue one of Mythic Oracle? View it here:

Waiting for issue 3? It will be printed on Tuesday the 4th of September.

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